Welcome, to my Author Website!  This is my dream ... I love to write ... What do you love to do?

It is never too late to follow your dreams.  
Did you know that  my father published his 1st book at the age of 73?  Read more...

Have you failed at something?  Try and try again is what I say!
Read about my recent failure of an important goal...I've learned it is all how you view it.
3 failures or 9 successes...what do you think? 

In 2017, my personal goal was to publish a book a month. 
I came close publishing a total of 9 books in 2017.
I will #DoItAgain2018 to see if I can meet
my publishing goals of releasing a book a month in 2018.
I got off to a rocky start in 2018 but have released a book so far this year from January through April (E-Books, Print Books coming soon). 
I think I have it all together now and am hoping to meet my goal for 2018.
What would you like to try again at?  Share it with #DoItAgain2018
I am rooting for you.  Will you root for me? 

Hi!  I'm Author Carey Ann Kramer!

I always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was little.  My first success was at one of my tween birthdays when I decided to do something different.  I wrote my first story, a murder mystery to be acted out.  My friends loved it & said I should be a writer someday!

Years later, I dusted off my dreams, and


It's coming!
Eli the Elephant & the Secret Peanut Hideout

Follow Eli the Elephant as she learns how to overcome obstacles and learns that sometimes in life you have to step it up.  When Eli finds herself falsely accused of stealing peanuts from the peanut donation box at the local zoo her whole world is turned upside down. 
Will Eli be able to clear her name and find the real thief?  Share in Eli’s emotional road to triumph and see what she learns along the way about turning things around.   
For any age.

Status of Eli the Elephant - due to a technical error the book has been delayed.  It will be coming out shortly after The Love Frog (which has the same error) 

The Love Frog
Book #1 Interactive Series

Dovey, a frog, is stuck in his same old routine until a pretty frog named, Lacey, intervenes. 

What will Dovey learn about living his life and letting love in?

Part of the Interactive Book Series
Includes The Love Frog story, an interactive area with a love tree and worksheet pages plus a discussion area.

Good for any age

Gift Books - Books that will be treasured!
Full-color books with personalizable pages &
a cute poem about the subject.

             Dear Bundle of Joy                                                 Nurses are like Purses


           Teachers are Magnificent                                    Doctors are like Helicopters 


    You are a Star (Pink Version)                                  You are a Star (Blue Version)


   A Blast of Birthday Wishes                                               Happily Ever After

                Amazing Friends                                                  You Did it, Graduate!

More Gift Books coming soon!

Children's Books

      Bunnycakes: The Bunny with                                 Sprinkles Bedtime Express
                      Big Dreams                                                       

           The Puppy Princess                                       Marilyn & the Martians' Paradise
 Book #1 The Puppy Princess Series                     Book #2 The Puppy Princess Series

            The Giving Butterfly                                       
     Book #1 The Butterfly Series   

A story about hope, giving & the power of miracles…

Join Susie Give, a blue butterfly on a journey
filled with hope, giving, and the lesson of miracles.
When dark spots appear on her mother Grace's wings without reason, Susie fears the worst.  Her mothers' encouraging words that this will be a journey and they will follow it to the end, leaves Susie anything but encouraged.
In fact, the end is what Susie is afraid of and all
she can think about is to find a cure.  Join Susie Give and her mother, Grace, on an unforgettable journey of hope and life lessons. 
"Not knowing the end and journeying anyway,
well, that is called faith, my dear," her mother shares.

Bunnycakes: The Bunny with Big Dreams
Release Date: Softcover Book 3/25/16
Release Date: Pop-Up E-Book on Amazon 4/01/2016
Artwork by:  Lavinia De Sales
Format(s): Softcover book, Special Pop-Up E-Book (E-Book available at Amazon.com)
Available at: Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

Meet Bunnycakes, the bunny with big dreams!  
With big dreams of being a prized baker and his eye on a giant baking palace, Bunnycakes doesn't let anyone get him down.
He is thankful for his big floppy feet because they help him bake cakes up to a whopping twenty feet! 
When a baking contest opens up will Bunnycakes have the courage to enter and to his secret dreams of being a baker?
Join Bunnycakes as he learns lessons that apply to all not just bunnies!

With a little courage to take a step in the direction of his dreams, Bunnycakes learns that if you stay confident and true to who you are, you can make your own mark on the map.  

Join Bunnycakes as he pursues his true calling in life with a that will warm your own heart.

Special Pop-Up E-Book has 88 Hidden Pop-Ups!  Can you find them all? 

Sprinkles Bedtime Express
Book #1 in The Sprinkles Series
Release Date: Softcover Book 4/6/2016
Release Date: Pop-Up E-Book on Amazon 5/16/2015
Artwork by:  A. L. Weakley
Format(s): Softcover book, Special Pop-Up E-Book (E-Book available at Amazon.com)
Available at: Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

A Bedtime book that little ones will love!

Sprinkles loves bedtime!  The more she yawns the more magical adventures she gets to put into her bedtime bag. 

Join Sprinkles and her animal friends as they learn that bedtime can be fun!
How many adventures will you have? 

Take the Sprinkles Challenge! 
Can you read this book without yawning?
If you can, share it on 

Surf into some cool bedtime adventures!

Special Pop-Up E-Book has over 100 Hidden Pop-Ups!  Can you find them all? 

The Puppy Princess
Book #1 in The Puppy Princess Series
Release Date: Softcover Book 12/2/2014
Release Date: E-Book 12/2/2014
Artwork by:  Lavinia De Sales 
Format(s): Softcover book, E-Book
Available at: Amazon.comBarnesandNoble.com, and other Online Retailers             
                                 Now Available 99¢ E-Book/Kindle/Nook              

Read all the books in The Puppy Princess Series!

Meet the puppies of the Cloud 9 Animal Shelter: Caboodle, the big poodle; King Tut, the most divine of all mutts; Lollie the collie; and Boom-Boom the Basset hound.

When a shy yellow Lab named Marilyn is abandoned at the Cloud 9 Animal Shelter, she thinks her whole world has shattered. With the help of the other puppies, she soon discovers that things always work out and with each new day comes a new beginning.

When a couple wants to adopt her, she is unsure if she should leave the shelter she now calls home.

Should Marilyn take a chance to discover a new beginning with a new family or should she stick to what she already knows?  

These puppies will be on Cloud 9 when they can all                                                                                                                 find homes.  Which one would you adopt?

Available at all online retailers like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more! 

Marilyn & the Martians' Paradise
Book #2 in The Puppy Princess Series
Release Date: Softcover Book 6/4/2013
Release Date: E-Book 6/4/2013
Format(s): Softcover book, E-Book
Available at: Amazon.comBarnesandNoble.com, and other Online Retailers   

Join Marilyn, a pretty yellow Labrador retriever, as she discovers helping others can have surprising rewards.

The Martians are stuck in Marilyn’s backyard, and their attempts to repair their Martian Machine have failed. They are anxious to return back home and ask Marilyn if she can help them.

Both the Martians and Marilyn learn that change is okay and sweet surprises can come when you try new things.  What new things will Marilyn discover? 

Will Marilyn be able to get the Martians back home? And where exactly do the Martians consider home?

Available at all online retailers like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more!