The Chance Trilogy
A trilogy of books to help you realize your dreams.
Chance & The Great Fate Factory
Book #1 in the Chance Trilogy
Release Date: Anticipated Release  Summer 2018
Artwork by:  Lavinia De Sales & Brandon Coleman
Meet Chance from The Great Fate Factory.
He'll show you everything you need to know about manufacturing your own great fate.
Chance didn’t always believe he held the power to live out his innermost dreams and desires. But he decided to take the first step, and he couldn’t imagine life otherwise.
Chance’s Tale of Discovery
The Ten Designs of Life
A Map of The Fortune Family’s property and Prosperity Village
This unique book, complete with story and interactive self-discovery kit, can enable and empower you to achieve your dreams. 
It’s an inspiring tale for all who dream.  For any age. 
Excerpt from Book:
Chance walked home, back across the Road of Life, checking his mailbox for any nice surprises anyone decided to send him. Because that’s what Chance did. Waited for chances to come his way. He often wondered if it was possible to create your own chance, because he wasn’t sure just how long he would have to wait for someone else to bring him his chance.”
Chance & the Mayor of Prosperity Village
Book#2 in The Chance Trilogy
Release Date: Coming Soon
Artwork by:  Lavinia De Sales
After being sworn in as Prosperity Village’s new mayor, Chance is swarmed with challenges. The former mayor, now heading up the recycling plant at the city dump, certainly made the job of being mayor look easy. Chance thought being at the top and making all the decisions would be a cinch.
One thing Chance didn’t count on was the Prosperity Village’s dwindling bank account. Chance knew that there were Secret Doctrines of Great Riches that Prosperity Village followed. But Chance didn’t realize that these Secret Riches lies within the people of Prosperity Village, not within the vault at Goldmine Bank.
Chance is on his last leg when he discovers a secret passageway from the mayor’s house to the Railway Depot. The wisdom he learns in the secret passage will push Chance through to the end of his term.
Chance realizes no matter what you do, you can’t make everyone happy. And even with a secret passage, running away is useless.
Chance brings the wisdom from great leaders of the past up from the secret passage and shares it with Prosperity Village. What will the wisdom hold, and what is contained in the Secret Doctrines of Great Riches that the town of Prosperity Village holds on to?
Join Chance on a journey of self-discovery, where learning to lead yourself is the first step in great leadership of others.
Chance & the Builder of Dreams
Book#3 in The Chance Trilogy
Release Date: Coming Soon
Artwork by:  Lavinia De Sales
Chance was successful as mayor of Prosperity Village, and he thought he was happy with his decision not to run again for office. But with his wife’s successful café and butterfly sanctuary, Chance feels left out and thinks he made a mistake leaving the mayor’s office.
Chance seeks solitude in a secret cave hidden away at the river’s edge—a part of Prosperity Village that Chance, even as mayor, had never ventured to.
What Chance discovers in the cave sets in motion the next chapter of his life. A chance meeting of a new friend and a secret set of blueprints carved into the cave wall lead Chance to his true calling.
Chance learns that you have to believe in yourself before others. For that is the first building block in the underground blueprints: Believe in yourself, and others will follow.
Everyone has the ability to sparkle; it all starts with the first spark. Dust yourself off, light your fuse, and give your dreams a chance to rocket into your reality.
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The Blossom Series
Coming Soon ...
Blossom into the person you were meant to be with Blossom & the Magical Butterfly
Join Blossom on the adventure of a lifetime as she discovers there is magic around every corner.  You just have to open your eyes and look.
Coming Soon:  The Blossom Trilogy
Book #1 Blossom & the Magical Butterfly
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