A. L. Weakley
Books Illustrated by A. L. Weakley:
Sprinkles Bedtime Express  Book #1 of The Sprinkles Series
Eli the Elephant & the Secret Peanut Hideout (Coming Soon)
A. L. Weakley is a mother of two from the small East Texas town
of Martins Mill.  She was greatly inspired by the work of Steven
Gammell and Robin James as a child.  Her lifelong love of art has
driven her to pursue her passion of drawing and try her hand at illustration.  Her goal is to spark the imagination of children and
help them find the courage to seek their own creative talent,
whatever that may be. 

Lavinia De Sales
 Books Illustrated by Lavinia De Sales:
The Puppy Princess  Book #1 of The Puppy Princess Series
Chance & the Great Fate Factory    Book #1 of The Chance Trilogy (Coming Soon)
Chance & the Mayor of Prosperity Village   Book #2 of The Chance Trilogy (Coming Soon)
Chance & the Builder of Dreams   Book #3 of The Chance Trilogy (Coming Soon)

Other items illustrated by Lavinia De Sales:

The four leaf heart clover for a new writing series entitled, "The Four Leaf Writer"

Lavinia is a graduate of BS Interior Design at University of Santo
Tomas in the Philippines.  She participated in some minor Interior
Design project in the Philippines and in Texas.  She's looking forward
to becoming a licensed designer here in Texas. She wants to show
the world what her creativity can do. Other than designing, she also
loves drawing, painting and capturing life's greatest moments!

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